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Our comprehensive eight-semester Voice Performance Workshop sequence is unique to our program. 


This  carefully-planned eight semester progression of workshop courses provides instruction through exceptional performance-based learning opportunities that are relevant to the ever-changing industry and prepare you for real-world success.


Our curriculum is centered on total-body instrument training to develop your COMPLETE ARTISTRY in the following areas:

  • Music and Text, Style, Interpretation, and Dramatic Preparation

  • Acting including a wide array of teachers, techniques, and approaches including: Stanislavsky, Chekhov, LeCoque, Grotowski, Viewpoints, Noh, Kabuki, Sanskrit Theater, and Suzuki.

  • Movement including: West African, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Capoeira, Ballet, and Modern dance

  • Acting for the Stage

  • Acting for Alternative Venues

  • Acting for the Camera

  • Voice Acting & Voiceover

  • Improvisation and Devised Ensemble Theater

  • Mask work

  • Physical and Vocal Characterization

  • Stage Combat

  • Audition Technique

  • Graduate School Audition Preparation​​

  • ​Professional development

Performance-Based Assignments include:

  • English, Italian, German, French Art Song Interpretation and Workshop

  • Aria Interpretation and Workshop

  • Scenes Study and performance including: Operetta, Baroque, Bel Canto, Romantic, Classical, and Contemporary

  • Spoken language scenes, and monologues

  • Fundamental technical design and production including scenic, lighting, and costume design, the use of digitally mapped projections, the creation and implementation of super titles, and other related design and  production activities for the fall and spring VP workshop productions, and through participation on the crew for a mainstage opera production during the academic year



BW's comprehensive curriculum gives you skills to excel in voice, acting, movement, and interpretation.


You’ll develop your whole-body-instrument. You’ll learn to interpret text and music with imagination and communicate with power and authenticity through dynamic physical and vocal actions.

Rigorous coursework provides a foundation for your studies. Private lessons, coaching, workshops, master classes, scenes programs and fully staged opera productions offer real-world-focused learning opportunities.


Our undergraduate-only Conservatory provides you with direct access to prepare and perform for lead roles in BW main stage and opera workshop productions, music theatre and theatre productions, and choral concerts. You'll be challenged, inspired and prepared to become the best artist you can be through experiences that include vibrant and dynamic works of theatre.

With an emphasis on experiential learning within a liberal arts environment, the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music blends artistic excellence with innovation. You are encouraged to participate and attend BW’s numerous productions and programs. Also beneficial to your studies and networking opportunities is BW’s connection to Cleveland and its vibrant performing arts community, a quick 20-minute drive from campus.




Matthew Miller
Associate Director of Admission, Conservatory of Music
(440) 826-2367,


Office Hours
Academic Year: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Summer: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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