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Berea Animal Rescue Friends (ARF) is a no-time-limit animal shelter that rescues stray and homeless companion animals, provides medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinations and housing, and prepares animals for adoption into loving homes.

We began as a grassroots organization in a family’s garage and through hard work and the dedication of volunteers answering a real need in the community; the operation grew when the city of Berea provided us with a small building and utility costs; in return the shelter agreed to always have an open cage for the city’s strays. The shelter was incorporated in 1987, and has now become one of the largest shelters in the region.

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Maggie Milano is a senior voice performance major studying under Professor Nancy Maultsby. Her previous roles include Second Woman in BWVP's production of Dido and Aeneas (fall 2019), Yniold (cover) in BWVP's production of Pelléas + Mélisande (winter 2020), and Morgana in BWVP's production of Alcina (fall 2021), and Nurse Grace in For Life.  She also enjoys her internship as Opera Assistant and being a member of the Alpha Phi Delta Upsilon chapter.   Following graduation, Maggie will be joining the marketing team as assistant marketing coordinator at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Cleveland. 


Duetto buffo di due gatti


Composer: Gioachino Rossini


Poet: The feline species. Just kidding there’s not a poet.


Program notes:


Gioachino Rossini, born 1792, died 1868, was an Italian composer. He was most known for his comedic operas, The Barber of Seville and The Italian Girl in Algiers. At the time, his music was said to contradict all rules of operatic music. His career soared during the bel canto period, emphasizing vocal agility and legato phrases. “Duetto buffo di due gatti,” or “The Cat Duet,” has been delighting audiences for years. Though Rossini takes credit for the writing of the cat duet, there is speculation the duet was actually written by one of his contemporaries. Regardless, the duet is a great example of the humor incorporated into operatic music at the time. 

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